Level Sharing

Level Sharing Guide

#AkiRobots features a unique level sharing system, using custom blocks of text, called “level codes”, which can be copied, shared and pasted into the game. We’ve provided a guide that explains each of the elements in the level codes and what parts are important for the codes to work in the game.
We hope the guide is clear enough. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We look forward to playing your awesome levels soon. You can send them to us at play@flatponies.com or @akirobotsgame on Twitter.



Our titular hero of the "story", they seem to have an affinity for electrical sockets.


The stubborn cousins of Aki, they go against the the grain and do the opposite of what you tell them to do.

Horiz and Verti

These snake-like slithers attach to walls, ceilings and floors, and extend or retract in two ways; left & right or up & down.

The Boxes

Coming in various sizes, these guys would rather just sit idly by. They are slippery, so don't expect to carry them around. Give them a good push instead!

Hoverskull & Bumblebuzz

Takes you to new heights with the ability of flight!

One-Eyes & Two-Eyes

Slow crawling slugs, that often need to rest before they move. The number of eyes indicate how lazy they are.


Brittle to a fault, don't hang around them for too long. Their expression tells how close they are to "poof" away.

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